Twitter sponsorship offers

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Twitter followers: 250k+

Dedicated thread

What you'll get in this offer:

  • Exclusive Brand Focus: Your sponsored thread will be dedicated solely to your brand, ensuring undivided attention from our audience.

  • High Visibility: Enjoy expansive reach with over 200,000+ impressions, amplifying your brand awareness among a diverse and engaged Twitter audience.

  • Increased Engagement: Benefit from 10,000+ engagements, sparking lively interaction and fostering a strong community around your brand.

Price: $800

#1 offer

Thread mention

What you'll get in this offer:

  1. Prime Positioning: Secure the top spot in our popular 'Top 10 Tools' thread, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand.

  2. Custom-Tailored Copy: Benefit from a specially crafted 100+ words tweet, designed to perfectly highlight and promote your product's unique features.

  3. Exceptional Reach: Our 'Thread Mention' posts average 300k+ impressions, providing wide-ranging exposure to a broad audience.

  4. High Engagement: Generate 10k+ link clicks and engagements, driving increased interest and interaction with your brand.

Price: $400

#2 offer

Listicle mention

What you'll get in this offer:

  1. Reach Beyond Boundaries: Experience unparalleled brand exposure as our listicle tweets typically generate an astounding 400k+ reach, effectively broadcasting your brand to a wide-ranging audience.

  2. Promising Click-Throughs: Garner 20k link clicks directing prospects straight to your product, creating a direct line of communication and interaction with potential consumers.

  3. Powerful Engagement: Capture attention and generate buzz with over 15k+ engagements, driving robust discussions centered on your brand.

Price: $300

#3 offer

Monthly mega offer:

Dedicated threads: You'll get 3x dedicated threads

Thread mention: You'll get 3x thread mentions

Listicle tweet: You'll get 3x listicle tweets

Price: $5,000 per month